Website Design and Development

Although our portfolio of services has grown tremendously over the years, With Directions is first and foremost a website design and development company. Nearly every service or solution we offer sprang from a web design project of some sort. Big, small, complex or straight-forward we use the same recipe for success. By devoting more time and attention to the planning and design stage we are more effective at delivering the site you want at a value that exceeds all of your expectations.

As is the case with all of our services, we encourage you to provide as much "sweat equity" as your resources permit. Unlike most companies, we truly do adapt our services to your needs, budget and in-house expertise. During our consultation we discuss with you how much of the project your company is equipped to take on. For example if you have access to a graphic designer and would like that person, rather than us, to design all of the graphics for your website project - fantastic! We provide specs and time lines for the required images and your designer delivers them. We move forward on other aspects of the project and you save money.

The support With Directions provides can be as limited as consulting with your staff on the best way to code and launch your website or as extensive as completely designing, developing and implementing the site - or anything in between.


Because no two projects are identical, even those requiring the same service, we break our services into individual building blocks. Taking this building block approach allows for maximum flexibility without sacrificing efficiency.

Update Existing Website

Web trends change all of the time and it is incumbent upon you to keep your design and content fresh and current. We work with you to update your site and provide visitors with an award-winning experience.

Develop or Enhance Your Mobile Presence

Every day more and more consumers access the web and social media using a device other than a PC/laptop. We walk you thru the process of optimizing your.

Choose Your Colors

In many ways the color scheme your choose for your business is as important as your logo. Many companies benefit from the recognition and feeling that their color scheme invokes.

Create Sets of Icons/Buttons

Once we have a logo and color scheme developed we create a set of buttons and icons for use in all of your digital media. This not only saves time down the road but insures a consistent look and feel.

Create Email Signatures

As part of your branding we combine your logo, tag line and name into an easy to use email signature for use in your daily electronic communications.

Establish a Tone

Over the course of time you will have a variety presentations, brochures, articles and other types of communication to audiences of all kinds. Making a conscience decision as to the style and approach you will use for these communications in the beginning may prove to be quite valuable.